New Generation
of single-dose perfume samples

A convenient and versatile solution to convey the brand’s visual identity.


Your perfume in a capsule

The perfume is stored in its liquid form. The capsule can molded into different shapes and sizes.


Restore the original fragrance

Unmatched performance, strong customer perception.


Embrace the single-dose revolution

Perfume Tester – Cosmetics Samples – a broad product offering.

discover CapScent

CapScent is a versatile, scalable, and customizable solution that brings added value to the professionals operating in the cosmetic industry: brands, marketers and event professionals.

The competitive advantage of CapScent lies in its unique design and ability to fulfill specific visual branding requirements.

Perfume is stored in its liquid state. Squeeze to release the fragrance. A new way for perfume brands to market their products, at launch, in the shop or on the streets.

a new era

a new approach to cosmetics sampling

Elegant, subtle, and convenient, the CapScent aims to deliver a consumer-centric experience. Simply squeeze the capsule between your fingers to release the precious fragrance contained within—apply some drops on your skin to escalate the olfactory experience.


The CapScent contains the finished product— as it was meant to be sold (unaltered). The perfume doesn’t require any reprocessing. CapScent works with most if not all types of fragrance.

Innovative and Convenient

Instigate a customer experience revolution. The CapScent offers a comprehensive and tailored solution for your cosmetic sampling requirements. Squeeze and Enjoy!


With its ability to adapt to multiple forms and its flexibility of use, the CapScent opens up endlessly creative perspectives: the only limit is your imagination.


The CapScent can take the desired volumetric shape. You can, for example, mold the capsules into the shape of a perfume bottle or that of your logo in 3D…


Made from a closed-cell lightweight material, the CapScent is as light as a flower petal.


a unique opportunity for brands to stand out from the competition and steal customers attention.


One product but multiple uses!

These capsules are made from a polymeric closed-cell material specifically designed for use in the cosmetic industry. The outer shell provides optimal UV and thermal protection, and it is impervious to water (99.99%). As such, it is possible to encapsulate all the fragrances in their unaltered state. CapScent fully complies with the EU regulations for cosmetics packaging.

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creative process

Provide a new customer experience, develop a comprehensive solution to market cosmetic products while conveying the brand’s image, re-invent the single-dose cosmetic sampling, and finally encourage the discovery of cosmetics while in a confined environment (hotel room or plane). Collectively, these observations have led to the design of the CapScent.


situational uses of



Point of Sale (Shops).



Gift or promotion.



Skincare and cosmetics



Combination products (require mixing before use).

Customer experience

Cecilia, professional photographer:

“I was really surprise to see the CapScent in action. The name of the perfume is written on the capsule. It is very easy to use and efficient. It diffuses the fragrance straightaway. I was amazed by the power of such a small item. It’s very feminine and very light. You can keep it in your pocket or purse for a long lasting effect.“

perfume launch

The CapScent is the most efficient and cost-effective solution to market your perfumes — you can fill up to 2000 capsules with 100 ml of perfume.

The CapScent can be used for various marketing initiatives, including in-room shopping in luxury hotels and street marketing.